Personal Record

Originally posted on August 3, 2015


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Allow me a quick …ish…boast!

Yesterday afternoon I competed in the annual Warrior Games.  I didn’t compete last year because I had tweaked my back, and I was studying for IIN.  I had competed 2 years ago though, and I did quite well and was proud of myself then.  Yesterday I broke not just a Personal Record, but also the women’s field record for javelin throw at our games.  I chucked that javelin 37 feet 7 inches!  Two years ago my best throw was only 20 feet 10 inches!  HA!  I am quite chuffed.  I placed second overall, and yes, I am quite proud of myself.  I also lifted what was dubbed the “original recipe” rock, which weighs about 80 pounds.  I almost got it to my shoulder, but couldn’t quite get it up over my boobs.  I will keep practicing though!  Kreacher won’t like it, but he’ll just have to suck it up.  He’s the heaviest thing I’ve got to practice with.

I can’t remember what my hammer throw was, it was in one ear and out the other because they told me it after they’d told me I had the javelin record, so it really didn’t sink in.  Or matter 😉  (**edit** hammer throw was 32 ft 7 in, I beat the previous field record, but did not make the new record, Lisa did with 43 ft 6 in)

I hurt today though boy!  A list of our games – in order of memory, not necessarily how we competed.  A foot race, javelin throw, (sledge) hammer throw, hunker down (a 2 person tug of war, but standing on a 1ft sq board with 2 smaller pieces nailed under it to make it unbalanced), sheep carry (I wiped out doing this one!), tug of war (I got rope burn, my hair pulled, and my toes squashed by team mates – no hard feelings, I walked it off!), closest to the peg (toss rocks at a peg), lift HEAVY rocks!  I got to the 80 pound one, but couldn’t budge the 150 pound one.  I was tired, I should have started with that rather than leave it til the end of the day!  Oh, and a really horrible quiz of riddles.  I hate riddles.  They might as well all be Bilbo asking Smeagol “what’s in my pocket?” because I really don’t fraken know!  I think that’s all of the games, I may have missed one but I don’t think so.  (**edit** crane pose – hold it as long as possible)

All of that was after I’d been out picking blueberries for a couple hours the day before, and my butts were aching still from the day before that from squats and kettlebell swings!  Plus of course, keeping up with my push-ups and mountain climbers 30 day challenge.  Which I had to do after I got home last night after all the games.  I was exhausted, but I still managed 10 close grip pushups, 8 regular push ups, and 15 mountain climbers.  Today I have to do more.

Pain today, greatness tomorrow!  Next year I’ll win 🙂

Oh yeah, I will be turning 48 years old in 27 days.  I placed second and my friend who placed first is 18 years younger than me.  Yeah…I’m chuffed.  I deserve it 🙂


Cookin’ up a Storm!

Originally Posted on July 28, 2015

Ugh…actually, I wish it would storm, then maybe the temperature would go down a bit!  It is soooooo hot out there!  We have extreme heat warnings for the next few days, and I am so glad we have air conditioning.  I don’t like sweating!  We had some rain Saturday evening, but it’s so hot we could really do with a lot more.

I just had a knock at my door, it was the postal carrier with all sorts of goodies for me!  I’m doing a couple of shows, one in August and one in October, so I ordered a booth banner, a car door magnet, and a pretty awesome tote bag with my logo on it.  Because one can never have too many tote bags, especially with their very own cool logo!

Check them out!

I also had ordered The Blue Zones Solutions book with an amazon gift card I had from doing Ipsos polls online.   The Blue Zones is part of what I’m basing my August “Healthy Community” workshop on.  I also got The Headstones CD Love & Fury.  Because Hugh Dillon.  I love the Headstones, I sadly do not own (until now) any of their CDs.  I’m not quite sure how that happened.  I love all of them and could listen to them all day.  Thank goodness for YouTube!  I’m not always all business, I need some music and recreation too yanno!

Speaking of recreation, I stopped at SportCheck at the Oshawa Centre on Sunday just after brunch because I need to get myself some gloves for the Warrior Games next weekend.  I cut the tip of my right index finger off on Friday morning with my brand spankin’ new mandolin (which I got on sale for half price at Kitchen Stuff Plus last week).  Yes, that hurt like crazy, and I think trying to lift heavy rocks with a gaping wound on my finger may not work so well.  So I need a glove.  But I couldn’t find one, what I did find was 2 pairs of Vibram 5 Finger shoes for only $23 each, marked down from $89!  Howzzat for shopping?

I have 3 new recipes to share with you today as well.  First up is Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.  It is gluten free, and paleo, if you do dairy.  The pastry is really easy, and most like traditional pastry that I’ve done so far.

Next is a lovely Raspberry Goat Cheese Coffee Cake  that is also gluten free, (d’uh! of course!) and paleo if you do dairy.  This is goat cheese, so if you are cow dairy intolerant, you may be able to do goat cheese, as the lactose and proteins are a bit different.

Finally is a new Spinach Chicken Salad recipe that I came up with because I had some extra baby spinach in the fridge that needed to be used up.  This recipe includes Paleo Mayo, which you can either make yourself at home, or buy the Primal Kitchen’s Paleo Mayo.  I find this to be pretty expensive, so making my own at home is much more affordable.

I hope you’re all having a safe and healthy summer!  Stay hydrated, stay cool, and send me an email to if you’d like to set up an appointment for a free health consultation, or comment below if you have any questions about my recipes or just want to say Hi!  I always enjoy hearing from you.

Grocery Store Tour

Originally posted on July 21, 2015

You may be wondering “why the heck would I need a health coach to show me around my grocery store?  I know my way around!”

A lot of us have grown up in the generation of TV Dinners, packaged convenience foods, and commercials telling us the Lucky Charms are part of a complete breakfast.  So, we go into the grocery store and head directly for the frozen food section, then the boxed cereals and cookie aisles, and we’re outta there!  How often do you go into the fresh produce section, the meat section, and that’s it?  Is your buggy piled high with boxes and packages, or is it piled high with green leafies, fruits, vegetables, and foods that require actual cooking, not microwaving?

That’s why I offer a Grocery Store Tour to folks who would like to learn how to eat healthfully, without feeling deprived, rushed, or confused about what is an actual “health food”.

Most modern grocery stores are set up much the same way, once you know your way around one, you can find your way around all of them.  Real foods are in the outer perimeter aisles, while packaged, manufactured foods are in the interior aisles.  For the most part, we never really have to go into the interior aisles, except for cleaning supplies, toiletries, and salad oil.

You also want to know how to read labels, you want to know which foods are helping, and which foods are hindering, your health goals right?  Again, that’s how I can help at the grocery store.  The fresh salad section is great, but it also has a lot of confusing information on salad dressings, and ingredients in some of them that may be questionable.  I can teach you the good, the bad, and the ugly, all which will help you make educated decisions on what to feed yourself and your family for ultimate health, and great taste!

I can show you how to save your hard earned money, which items are worth the extra dollars, and which items are not.  I can also show you how to save time while at the grocery store, so you’re in and out, and not wandering around lost and aimless trying to figure out what’s for dinner.

The Grocery Store Tour and the Batch Cooking for Busy Families can be combined for a full morning or afternoon of coaching.  For the truly brave, we can also combine it with the Pantry Pillage workshop for an entire day of cupboard cleanup, shop, and prepare healthy delicious foods.  The Pantry Pillage is not for the faint of heart, this is for the truly determined to get healthy individual or family.  For the folks who *know* their cupboards are full of junk foods, but they need someone to give them that extra nudge, to help them get rid of it and re-stock with healthier choices.  If you’re not quite ready for a Pantry Pillage, there is the Deciphering Food Labels workshop, where we will have a look through your cupboards and refrigerator and I will teach you what all those ingredients are in all those jars and packages, and give you gentle suggestions on possible healthier alternatives.

If you live in the GTA, and you’re interested in any of my personalised workshops, or maybe you’re not local and have questions about any of my services, please contact me anytime!  I’d be honoured to support you :

Batch Cooking for Busy Families

Originally posted on July 16, 2015

One of the personalised workshops that I offer is “Batch Cooking for Busy Families”.  I often hear clients, friends, and family lament “I’m too busy to eat/cook healthy!”  Followed usually by “I’m so tired all the time, I can’t get up in the morning to make breakfast, I get dressed and rush out the door!”  Followed by “And then I find myself snacking on junk food all day long and I just can’t seem to lose weight!”

Rather than recognising that it’s the all-day-long junk food binges that is causing the lethargy in the mornings, they blame it on the busy-ness.

I used to skip breakfast every day as well.  I used to hit the snooze button at least 6 times before dragging my ass out of bed to the shower and was still draggin’ it as I hopped in my car to battle the rush hour traffic.  Since I upgraded my diet to whole, natural foods, I haven’t hit the snooze button at all!  I get up, I get dressed, I walk the dog for 45 minutes to an hour, then come home and cook myself an awesome breakfast.  A good, filling and nutritious breakfast is soooooo important to get your day started right, I really can’t stress this enough!  A good breakfast should keep you going for several hours, you won’t have a crash and binge mid-morning.  You should be good to go until lunch time, or even beyond.

I understand everyone’s busy lifestyle.  You’ve got your own full time job, an hour long (or more) commute, plus kids in school with after school sports or other activities.  You’re on the run, and often find yourself at the drive-thru…AGAIN!…scarfin’ down a burger and fries, with a large diet drink.

Did you know that eating while you’re rushed and stressed is hindering your digestion?  When you’re stressed out, your body is busy trying to figure out where the threat is coming from, it’s too busy to spend energy on digesting your food.  Our chronically stressed out lives are not evolutionarily natural.  From the moment we get up in the morning, until we crash in bed far too late at night, our stress hormones are raging.  Historically speaking, stress was occasional, and in the form of a hungry wild animal, or a rampaging neighbouring tribe, trying to take over territory.  Then it would be over, sometimes in just a few moments, and we could go back to foraging for roots ‘n’ shoots.  These days it’s constant, non-stop, go-go-go-go!  And it’s incredibly detrimental not just to our mental health, but to our gut health, and how we digest and absorb our food.  If you’re not properly digesting your food, you’re not absorbing the nutrients (what very little nutrients can be had in fast food!).  If you’re not absorbing nutrients, you’re further adding to the stress on your body by being malnourished.  We’re over-fed and under-nourished!  We need to go back to the basics, and take time to breathe, relax, and sit down and eat.

This is where the batch cooking comes in!  If you have a slow cooker or two, and an oven, you’re set to go for the week!  Here are a few tips, and links to recipes on my website as well as a few other sites.

If you don’t have a slow-cooker, I suggest you get one. Or two!  Your local charity shop will likely have a few on the shelf for cheap if you don’t want to spend the money on new.  You can get fancy new ones with a timer on them, or you can get a timer switch and plug the slow cooker in to that.

The size of your family, and ages of members will determine how much you will need to prepare for the week, and perhaps how many days you will need to set aside for cooking.  Quite a lot of cooking can be done on one day each week, with minimal prep time needed for the rest of the week, depending on your needs.  If you’re home on Sundays you can cook up to 4 days worth, and then do another batch on Wednesday while you’re at work.  Multi-tasking at it’s best!

Let’s start with breakfast.  The best way to start out your day is with some protein!  You don’t have to do traditional “breakfast” type foods either.  Foods can’t tell time.  If you want chicken and broccoli for breakfast, go for it!  But regular ol’ bacon and eggs are great too 😉  You can make a breakfast quiche ahead of time, and it’ll keep for a few days in the refrigerator.  Adjust the recipes linked for the size of your family.  Serve it up with some extra veggies, or a bowl of berries and full fat, unsweetened Greek yoghurt.

My recipes for Breakfast Sausage and Lamb Sausage are great for batch cooking, they freeze well, and heat up quickly in the microwave.  Serve with left-over veggies from the night before, or quickly fry up some kale, zucchini, turnips, sweet potato, broccoli…oh heck! Any ol’ veggies will do!  I’m a flexitarian, I fry my veggies in bacon fat 😉

I know getting kids ready for school or daycare and getting them out the door with healthy lunches can be a challenge too!  You can make a lot of things ahead of time and store them in their lunch containers ready to go.  Salads are easy make-ahead lunch items for the whole family, just leave out the dressings and things that will get mushy and keep them in separate containers.  You can make a Big Ass Salad and divide it up into containers for the week.

Bento Boxes are amazing for packing lunches, especially for kids who are in “zero waste” schools!  As well as for the adults taking lunch to work.  Get each family member a couple of sets, and you’re good to go!  Left-overs make fantastic breakfasts and lunches.  Nothing should go to waste, just re-heat and eat.

Here’s where dinners and your slow cookers and oven comes in.  While the above mentioned quiches are cooking, you can probably also fit in another baking pan with at least one dinner option as well.  Roasted chicken and roots is AWESOME, and a whole chicken will give you more than 4 meals.  If you’re a family of 4, there’s one night scratched off your To-Do list.  If you’re a family of 2, there’s dinner + lunch the following day.  A good “Sunday Roast” really couldn’t be easier, there’s not much to do except roughly chop your favourite root vegetables, toss them with a hunk of meat into a roasting pan, stuff it in the oven, and walk away for an hour or 4, depending on the hunk of meat.  A whole chicken will be cooked in about an hour and a half to 2 hours.  I usually just stuff half a lemon inside the cavity (remove the gizzards if they’re included, save them for making stock later!), sprinkle on some salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning mix, drizzle a wee bit of olive oil, and set the oven to 350F.  Set your timer, and then that’s pretty much it.  Easy peasy!

If you’ve got multiple meals going at the same time in the oven, cook times can be adjusted for each.  If you want the heat to be low so as not to over cook the quiche, the chicken will just take longer, or once the quiche is cooked, you can set the oven temp higher to finish off the chicken.

While the quiche and the chicken are cooking in the oven, you can put some stuff in the slow cooker(s).  A nice pork shoulder (aka Boston Butt) is great in the slow cooker, you’ll have some really nice pulled pork once it’s done!  Just toss the butt into the slow cooker, set it to low and walk away for a minimum of 6 hours.  Even up to 8 hours is good.  No water is needed, it’ll create its own juices.  Pull it all apart while it’s still hot and fresh out of the crock. If you’re kosher or halal, or just don’t like pork, a nice slab of brisket works much the same, and comes out so juicy and tender it’ll about melt in your mouth!  You can season it after it’s cooked or while it’s cooking, it’s up to you. I usually just sprinkle on some salt, maybe some freshly grated ginger (have I mentioned how much I LOVE ginger!?) and then let folks choose their own BBQ sauce or seasonings when it’s served.

With the meats already taken care of, it’s easy enough to prepare the veggies while everyone is washing up and/or finishing up homework.  It only takes a few minutes to steam some broccoli and carrots.  You can also roast a pan full of veggies ahead of time, while you’ve got the chicken and the quiche going, or before/after if there’s not enough room in the oven.  You can also do them ahead of time in the slowcooker with the hunk of meat.  Just toss them in on top.  Or toss them in a separate cooker, with just a drizzle of olive oil.  You can also sprinkle in some salt & pepper and seasonings of choice.  I usually stick with Italian seasoning mix, because that’s what my tastebuds prefer.  My Mum likes Herbes de Provence, but I don’t particularly care for the licoricey flavour of the anise seed.

How about desserts?!  It’s nice on occasion to spoil ourselves with a treat of some sort.  I quite like having some frozen berries with coconut milk or some heavy cream on top.  Just put some frozen berries into dessert bowls, pour some cream of choice over top, and while you’re eating your dinner, put them in the fridge.  The berries will start to defrost, while the cream starts to freeze over them, just stir it up when you’re ready to serve and it’ll be just like ice-cream!  But oh so much more healthy 🙂  You can also add some Enjoy Life chocolate chips or organic cacao nibs for some added flavour and heart healthy decadence!  You can also make fruit crumbles in your slow cooker, my recipe for Rhubarb Berry Crumble can be adapted to go into the crock pretty easily.  Prepare it as in the recipe, but in the crock, and set it to high for 2 to 2 1/2 hours…I may try this today, I’ve still got some rhubarb in the fridge that I could use up.

I hope this has been helpful for you.  If you’re local, I’d be happy to schedule an in-home session with you to walk you thru your first batch cooking session.  We can do it in conjunction with a 2 hour Grocery Store tour, and you can shop for the foods you’ll need, while I teach you some label reading tricks, and time and money saving tips to get you through the store without resorting to the convenient heat-n-serve foods.  Fill in the contact form and let me know which program you’re interested in.

Comment below with your own time-saving tips!

Whew! Been Busy!

Originally posted on July 9, 2015

I honestly cannot say how the heck more than 2 weeks have got away from me without posting anything new to the blog here!  Sure, I’ve been busy, but holy jeepers!  How rude of me to not keep in touch!

I’ve been a bit crazed to tell you the truth.  Stressed out is putting it mildly.  Trying to find a “regular” job, going to interviews, not having the “right” clothes, plus trying to build a Health Coaching business is not an easy task.  Mix that in with dwindling savings, (dwindling…pfffttt….who am I kidding…it’s gone!) no income, and the dog has had 2 trips to the vet’s since the end of May.  I’ve had to cancel my planned pilgrimage for the fall, and well…I’m sure you can imagine!

I have a few silver linings amongst the storm clouds; a few *very* awesome friends, as well as my own pit-bull like tenacity to never give in, keeping me going forward, when all I really want to do is curl up in a ball and sleep until the world goes away.  Rip Van Winkle had the right idea I think!  The best(worst?) I can do though is just binge watch on Netflix.  I finished off Breaking Bad over the course of a couple of weeks, now I’m working on Sense8.

Through all the bonecrushing stress, I stick *very* close to my healthy whole foods diet.  I have to.  If I don’t, if I slip back into my old food habits of convenient packaged foods, fast food, and take-away, the stress and depression will get far far worse.  With added migraines, fibromyalgia, constipation, additional brain dysfunction, and…well…getting lazy with diet really does not pay off at all.  It just makes things spiral even further down the rabbit hole.  I’ve been down that hole before, I’m not going back!

That’s not to say of course that I don’t have yummy decadent treats now and again.  I have never deprived myself of yumminess, not ever!  Not even when I was strictly AIP, and eliminating all the usual culprits.  Nope, nope, nope!  There are still so many things to eat, that if you’re bored with your food, you’re not doing it right!  Yep, I endulge in the occasional microwave cake now and again.  But then our microwave crapped out, so…(the washing machine is also on its last legs as well…we just can’t seem to win…that’ll be the 3rd major appliance within the past year! plus my smartphone!)  I’ll get around to posting that recipe for microwave cake, both AIP version and non-AIP version, maybe later today. *done!

While lacking a microwave can be tricky sometimes, I don’t miss it entirely.  It’s summer time here in Southern Ontario, which means there are lots and lots of fresh local foods available, and it’s BBQ season! who needs a microwave!?  I’ve got a flat of strawberries from Willowtree Farm (we have a meat and egg CSA share) and a rather abundant crop of my own raspberries that I’ve been putting in the freezer so that we’ll have lots of yummy berries well into the fall, and maybe even winter, if we go easy on them.  Not easy to do though, I usually eat some berries pretty much every day.  They’re low in natural sugars, high in fiber, high in antioxidants and lots of vitamins!  Frozen, they’re awesome for making smoothies, or ice-cream.

I also grabbed some amazing green string beans at the farm yesterday, among other things.  I wish we had taste-o-vision on the internet, because these were seriously the best beans I’ve had in a good long while…probably since last summer when I got them from the farm!  I had a mounded plate full of fresh fruits and raw veggies yesterday for lunch, with a hard boiled egg.  Nom Nom Nom 🙂

This afternoon’s lunch was tuna salad (will also post that recipe later-done!) with farm fresh cucumber, radish, onion (from our neighbour) and celery with some homemade paleo mayo.

Oh oh oh!  And last night I made mojitos with mint from my own garden.  I have SO MUCH mint!  I will have to give a lot of it away and dry some as well.  Plus, the catnip has gone crazy!  Anyone with cats, come on over and get some catnip!  I don’t know what to do with it all.  We no longer have a feline.

Weekends I’ve been spending time doing adventurous things like going to learn how to use a bow and arrow to shoot at innocent bales and foam rubber animals.  That was fun!  I need to work on my form though, my wrist and thumb were sore for a couple of days.  Plus, more muscle building to get ready for our annual Warrior Games in August.  I plan to do well 🙂

Saturday this week I will be at Moonflower’s Magical Touch store in Stouffville, for the Psychic and Healer’s Fair.  I’ll be doing 20 minute private health consultations for just $10.  There will be lots of other healers there as well, come on over and see us!

What are you up to this summer?  Whatever you’re doing, I hope you’re keeping true to yourself, and staying on your path to good health and strength!

Upgrade to You 2.0

Originally posted on June 23, 2015

Are you still using You 1.5, or even worse, You 1.0?  Just like any technology, You 1.5 and especially You 1.0 can start to slow down with age, if you don’t keep up with regular maintenance and fill up with proper fuel.  If you’re still using You 1.0, you probably should have upgraded to 2.0 a few years ago.  Let me tell you why.

When we’re first out of the box, we’re You 1.0.  We function just fine mostly, with the occasional hiccup that can be expected from new technology.  The more years we have out of the box, the more we need to consider more frequent maintenance (exercise) and proper fueling practices (diet).  When we’re first out of the box, our fuel sources probably consisted more of sugary packaged meals, with cute cartoon characters on the box, or sport superheroes who would really never be caught dead eating those things!  Depending on our technological generation, our maintenance consisted of either hours and hours of outdoor play, (for those of us of older tech), or hours and hours of indoor “play” with other forms of technology.  Or something in between.

This is me, when I was still running You 1.0

But if we have not updated ourselves to You 2.0, if we’re still trying to get through our day with outdated maintenance plans and fuel sources, our system becomes slow, sluggish, and tired.  We can run a virus scan, but that’s not usually going to help, because it’s not a virus.  But there could be worms!

Just because You 1.0 is from an earlier technological generation, doesn’t mean it is not compatible with You 2.0.  You’re never too outdated to upgrade!  It doesn’t matter how long your system has been running slow, or how frustrating it is to wait to boot yourself up in the morning!  You 2.0 can fix the problem, with just a few simple system clean up scans, tweaks, defrags, security checks, and on-going maintenance for ensured long life of your tech.

What sort of maintenance plan are you currently using?  Are you getting out for daily walks?  Cycling?  Lifting heavy things?  Or is the furthest you walk from the car to the couch, to the car, to the office chair?

What fuel source are you using?  Are you eating high quality proteins and greens for breakfast, or just a quick “energy” bar on the run?

What if I told you that upgrading to You 2.0 could extend your life, have You running faster, thinking faster, streaming faster, downloading faster, and having to use fewer security patches (medications), and just overall improving your performance?  People will think you are a brand new You 2.0, right out of the box!  You don’t have to tell them what generation you are 😉

This is me after the upgrade

What if I told you that all you have to do to upgrade to You 2.0 is change the way you think about food, and pretty much everything else just falls into place?

What if I told you that probably most of what you call “food” actually is not a whole lot different than putting sugar into a car’s fuel tank.  It doesn’t run very well at all after that does it?

I am a certified Upgrade Install Professional, and I can support you through the whole upgrade process.  For some makes and models, the upgrade may take longer than others, but I’ll stick with you the whole time.  I can assist with your upgrade with phone support, in person, or a combination of both, where available!  The choice is yours.  Just fill in the contact form below to schedule your 50 minute free upgrade consultation, and we’ll figure out which upgrade plan works best for you!

Valid on all makes and models, of any generation.  Click HERE for details.

What are Your Goals?

Originally posted on June 12, 2015

Part of my job as a Health Coach is to keep my clients accountable to themselves so they can achieve their goals.  I make my clients actually sign a commitment to them self along with their contract with me.  Whether their goal is to lose 20 pounds to fit into a fancy dress or suit for someone’s wedding, or to get more active, or learn how to be more healthy overall.  I can help them learn how they can reach those goals, and how to sustain them long term.

A lot of weight loss programs are “lose weight quick so you can…” insert life milestone… but they don’t teach you how to be Truly Healthy or how to sustain it for a lifetime.  I can do that.

What are your goals?  What is your why?  Have you just found yourself at a certain age and realised that if you continue down the SAD (standard American diet) path that you will just keep getting sicker and taking more pills?  Are you getting married in a few months?  Are you going on a beach vacation?  Do you want to go zip-lining, but you can’t because you’re too heavy for the harness?  Do you want to be able to take the dog for a walk around the block without huffing and puffing?  Do you want to be able to keep up with your kids/grandkids?

For me it was I wanted to be truly healthy.  I never had been healthy my whole life.  After I got my celiac diagnosis, I knew what it was that had been making me sick for 42 years, so I decided that (almost 😉 ) every bite of food that would go in my mouth from now on would nourish me, not hinder my health further.  I do still endulge in not exactly healthy foods occasionally, Paleo “junk foods” like avocado pudding, or coconut flour cake, or a bar of nice dark organic chocolate; never anything gluteny! I quickly realised though that “cheating” on a diet is only cheating myself out of my health goals.  If I eat gluten for instance, it will set me back as much as 5 weeks or more, while my body tries to heal from the immune system assault.  So I have not voluntarily eaten or drank gluten since my gluten challenge in late 2009.  I have accidentally been “glutened” a few times since, but I have always avoided it as best I can.  Sometimes it’s not always possible and some will sneak in.  And I pay the price for weeks afterward.  Since upgrading my diet to Paleo/AIP, my recovery time has also been shortened to about a week, rather than a month!  But I do still suffer with pain directly after ingesting gluten.  Not many people *want* to have pain (or constipation, or diarrhea, or bleeding or or or…)

I also wanted to get strong, and not be all flabby all over.  Not just for aesthetics, but because I know that a strong body will last longer and serve me better in my later years.  If I have no muscle tone, and my bones are deteriorating, as I age it will only get worse.  I will be susceptible to broken bones and constant pain.  I had been in pain already for most of my life, and I was tired of taking pills all the time.  I need to be able to pick up and carry my dog (he weighs 60lbs/27kg) to the bathtub, or if gods forbid, he is ever sick or injured and can’t walk into the vet clinic.  I can do that now.  He’s not too keen on it.  😉

I wanted to be able to sleep better.  When you’re in constant pain, you just can’t sleep.  Since switching to Paleo, I have slept better than I ever have my entire life.  I had insomnia and night terrors constantly as a small child and well into adulthood.  Now I hit the pillow and I’m pretty much out for 7 to 8 hours every night.  Without sleeping pills, and without pain pills.  Only 3 or 4 years ago I was popping as many as 6 to 8 Robax Platinum pills every day, and at nighttime also had to take Gravol with the Robax to be able to get *any* sleep.

Since my celiac diagnosis, and going completely gluten free, I have also eliminated migraines and the debilitating panic attacks and anxiety that I used to have.  Again, no pills anymore!

Now my goal is to continue to get stronger, I still want to be able to do at least one pull-up.  I have injuries and repetitive strain in my right shoulder however that severely limits my range of motion.  I continue to work with my physical therapist and it’s getting better every week.  She is my accountability coach.  She knows when I haven’t kept up with my exercises at home, because my range of motion will be limited when I go back to see her again.  I want to be able to throw a javelin at our annual Warrior Games in August, and I won’t be able to do that very well (honestly, anybody can throw a javelin, but not everybody can throw it *well*!) if I don’t improve my range of motion with proper and consistent exercise and stretching.

It has taken me years to learn all of this, and I am delighted to be able to pass on this information to my clients so they don’t have to wait 7 or 8 years to research and recover their health!  They can do it in a much shorter time span with my support in my 12 week, or 6 month program.  Even if Paleo is not right for you, I have learned over 100 different dietary theories, we’ll find you one that works!  What are your health goals?  What do you need support with?  Check out my Services Menu and contact me for a FREE initial consult.  The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll reach your goals!