Jennifer’s Way

Originally posted Nov. 9, 2014 –

I was thinking today that I would write a post about my first experience donating blood a couple of weeks ago, but then something happened and that’ll have to wait til another time.

This weekend is the #IINLive conference in New York City.  I couldn’t be there so I am watching the live streaming from my home in Whitby, Ontario.  Today is day 2, and our first speaker of the day was Jennifer Esposito, actress, and now advocate.  

Let me tell you, very shortly after she got on stage, I was a big mess of snot and tears! Kreacher crawled up into my lap because he was worried.  She read from her book “Jennifer’s Way” about her incredible struggle with undiagnosed celiac disease.  It was painful to listen to, because it was also MY story.  It is YOUR story too, and anyone else’s who had to wait years for a diagnosis of any autoimmune disease.  For any of us who was told by doctor after doctor “we can’t find anything wrong with you, here’s a number for a psychiatrist…”  I still want to cry thinking back to her words, feeling her pain and frustration and anger.  

And her strength.  

She came back from all of that, and now she owns a very successful gluten free bakery in New York, and she’s an advocate and activist for celiac disease.  For herself, for me, and for You.  

Sorry this is rushed, but we’re just on lunch break from the conference, and I should probably eat something!

Love & Hugs



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